Aaaaaand….. We’re live!

Hi I’m Elizabeth, an avid writer, traveler and island enthusiast hailing from the landlocked city of Denver, Colorado.

Here you’ll find [what I hope are] delightful recounts of my adventures, retellings of various odd experiences I’ve somehow gotten myself into and general ramblings in regards to the art of drifting, among other stories potentially laced with unspoken advice and tons of excessive hyperbole. That being said, my main goal is to simply make you smile, or laugh, or — best case scenario — inspired to go out and have adventures of your own.

While yes, I find myself primarily drawn to islands, I’m passionate about many kinds of travel. Because of where I’m from, I have an extensive history with mountains and snow. I’ll say it right now – I’m not the biggest fan of snow. Or being cold (and I know some individuals who would laugh at this, based on my thermostat preferences…).

I do enjoy skiing – even worked at a ski shop at one point! – but if the temperature drops below 15 or 20 degrees Fahrenheit my mind starts to wander towards the possibility of frostbite, followed by vivid flashbacks of dark, frigid winters in Norway and Minnesota, in which one’s eyes and toes start to numb in mere seconds. Don’t get me started on the slow, gruesome pilgrimage up Colorado’s I-70 highway in traffic reminiscent of LA’s worst rush hour to reach the ski resorts from Denver, should you not be so lucky to know someone with a sweet ski condo you’re allegedly free to use whenever you want. But, I digress…

As long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with islands and all things tropical, from towering palm trees and the smell of hibiscus flowers in the air to warm, balmy sea breezes and those occasional erratic hurricanes or cyclones (I really badly wanted to become a meteorologist at one point when I was a kid!). Each island is so individual and unique. I love that islands tend to feel like their own little world. Just think of the Galapagos Islands – one of the most distinctive places on earth.

I recently got back from an exhilarating trip to Fiji. It was an extraordinary adventure, complete with seemingly near-death experiences and plenty of outlandish occurrences whilst exploring Viti Levu’s fabulous Coral Coast and some of the Mamanucas, in addition to some strange times around Nadi. I’m particularly ardent about the South Pacific and have always felt drawn to the Oceania region. More on all that later.

Azure Pacific Ocean Mamanuca Islands Fiji

Azure blue Pacific ocean encompassing Fiji’s Mamanuca Islands

From Mexico to Fiji, Atlanta to Quebec, there really isn’t a place I won’t go. The term ‘boring’ rarely appears in my vocabulary. I will find the fun, and the absurd will find me. Cheers to embracing the unexpected!