After Fiji won the rugby sevens Olympic gold medal on Friday, I met some volunteer friends later that evening over in Viseisei at the Vuda Point Marina, or more simply known as ‘Vuda Marina’. We’d heard they were offering $2 Fiji Gold beers all day long in apt commemoration of Olympic Team Fiji’s historic accomplishment, so obviously we had to celebrate.

Plus, generally speaking, I’ve found Vuda Marina isn’t a bad place to be, regardless of the occasion!


Vuda Point itself is traditionally considered the initial landing site of Fiji’s Melanesian ancestors in their canoes to the island of Viti Levu, and the entire nation of Fiji. Today, Vuda Point serves a similar purpose, boasting a convenient marina for sailors and yachties arriving at the Fiji Islands from all over the world, settled alongside a classy waterfront restaurant and bar.

Fiji’s Favourite Yacht Haven,” as Vuda Marina’s website puts it.


To my delight, Vuda Marina is one of the few places in Fiji I’ve visited so far where I feel I can wear my Lilly Pulitzer attire without any strange glances. So, I got all dressed up for the Vuda Marina gold medal celebration, even wearing my favorite 5-inch gold wedge heels (seemed appropriate).

For the record, I bring these gold heels virtually everywhere I travel (I’m capable of running in them, if necessary) – I just love these shoes. Yes, they’re impractical. No, I don’t have opportunities to wear them often. But when I do… Well, let’s just say it’s always a memorable night, one way or another.

I guess I’ve never really regarded myself as an especially practical person, anyway. I DIGRESS.

Not taken at Vuda Marina, but these are the gold shoes I'm talking about!

Not taken at Vuda Marina, but these are the gold shoes I’m talking about!


Not only does Vuda Marina have delectable food, they have a fairly outstanding cocktail selection. I highly recommend the ‘Polynesian Iced Tea’ (although I’m pretty sure it should be called the ‘Melanesian Iced Tea…’).


Apart from the great drinks, cuisine, nightly specials, and delightful live musicians that have me convinced the best renditions of most overplayed top 40 radio songs are performed with soothing acoustic guitar, Vuda Marina features a whimsical nautical-themed play area and tire swing.

While I’m certain this fantastically realistic faux-vessel, complete with striking indoor plumbing replicas, is intended primarily for the use of children (considering the boat’s facilities are entirely scaled down to pint-size), that did not stop us from thoroughly taking advantage of the site. We at least waited until the end of the night when all kids had retreated elsewhere, of course!