Last week I spent an amazing week on Fiji’s luscious Taveuni Island. Because I feel like I spent a TON of time just being lazy in my bure (thanks to the drizzly weather at the beginning of the week), I’m surprised at how much activity I was able to fit into only seven days there.

Here are my favorite highlights from my jaunt to the ‘Garden Island of Fiji’:


Snorkeling at Rainbow Reef. I didn’t go on this snorkeling excursion until later on in the week, but I’m putting it first on my list because this was hands-down the most incredible snorkeling I’ve ever experienced IN MY LIFE. Let’s just say there’s a reason it’s named ‘Rainbow Reef’.

On top of that, it was blissfully sunny, clear, and overall absolutely perfect conditions for taking a swim with Taveuni’s colorful undersea world! Afterwards, we had lunch on the beach of the idyllic, deserted Korolevu Island. No complaints about that trip!


The Coastal Walk [read: TREK]. My first full day in Taveuni was spent embarking on a fairly lengthy coastal trek, misleadingly advertised as a “walk” (I imagined a leisurely stroll down the beach, but OH how I was mistaken…).

This “walk” involved over 5 kilometers of moderately-rigorous rock scrambling and fording multiple rivers, which made me quickly realize I have a slight phobia of wading through very fast-moving water on extremely slippery rocks. Pretty sure I used every single outdoorsy skill in my repertoire on this hike, and I think my emotional state had more ups and downs than the terrain. Even though I broke a really nice pair of sandals and cried twice, the adrenaline rush from jumping off the scenic jungle waterfall at the end of the trail made it all worth it.


The International Date Line. As random as this attraction is, I had a lot of fun standing in two days at once. And dancing in two days at once. And taking a bunch of pictures of me living in yesterday and today at the same time. And telling people about it afterwards!

Read more about my experience at Taveuni’s International Date Line here.


Bourna Waterfalls. My group didn’t make it to all three waterfalls in the park (since we got a bit of a late start in the afternoon and had to hurry before nightfall!), but the two we did make it to were absolutely stunning. Not to mention the phenomenal rainforest foliage and outstanding ocean views from the top of the mountain… Either way, it should be on everyone’s Taveuni Island must-see list!!


Have you been to Taveuni Island? What were your favorite attractions there? Tell me in the comments section! 🙂